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Beef Pet Bone Broth
Beef Pet Bone Broth
Beef Pet Bone Broth
Beef Pet Bone Broth
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Beef Pet Bone Broth


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    Note: This product ships at an ambient temperature (No dry ice). We've made our very first non-perishable bone broth to conveniently improve your pet's health!

    How is it non-perishable? Thought you'd never ask! It's actually achieved by adding extra gut healing apple cider vinegar... that's it! Same great recipe as our Good Dog Bone Broth, but with a little extra gut healthy apple cider vinegar. **Please refrigerate after opening.

    Your furry best friend depends on you to feed them the best possible food so they can stay by your side as long as possible. Our Pet Bone Broth was designed with your dog’s health and longevity in mind.

    From the slow-cooked all-organic chicken bones that came from farmers who cared about their animals’ well-being to the all-organic sweet potatoes and apple cider vinegar we mixed in to shore up Fido’s gut health, this bone broth for dogs is a nutrition powerhouse. Glucosamine, amino acids and gelatin feed his joints so he can stay active with you well into his golden years

    When you stock up on Osso Good organic bone broths and paleo soups for yourself, throw a few in for Fido too. You’ll both feel nourished, not just full!

    *Grass Fed and Finished Beef Bone Broth (water and grass fed and finished beef bones), *Carrots, *Sweet Potatoes, *Celery, *Bok Choy, and *Apple Cider Vinegar. *Indicates Organic

    *Not a sodium free food