Cleanse your body. Improve your digestion. Boost your immunity.


There is a reason why your Grandma always cooked up a pot of chicken soup when you were feeling ill. Bone Broth has been used and prescribed for centuries by physicians and grandmothers alike in all traditional cultures to help heal you from the inside out. By slowly simmering the bones, meat, tendons/ligaments, and feet of an animal, you are able to transfer their nourishing benefits into an easily digestible liquid. The remaining broth contains gelatin, essential amino acids, and minerals that are giving bone broth the new title of, “superfood”.

Fans of bone broth say it:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes healthy digestion by healing and sealing the gut
  • Strengthens bones, skin, nails and hair
  • Reduces inflammation and joint pain
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Promotes better sleep

Bone Broth is rich, satisfying, nutrient-dense, and has the ability to fill your belly without adding many calories. This alone allows you to sip to your soul’s desire throughout the week without sweat. Bone Broth is known for its ability to detoxify your liver and help rid your body of toxins. It simultaneously adds collagen to your skin, allowing your face to stay youthful. Most importantly, bone broth heals and seals your gut. If you have ever spilled bone broth, you know that it is incredibly sticky just like glue. This sticky broth acts the same way in your gut and increases absorption of nutrients while also creating the perfect environment for your gut flora (the bacteria in your gut offering a mutualistic relationship and have the ability to change based on diet). Because bone broth is naturally anti-inflammatory, you are able to shed weight with regular consumption.



Inflammation is a normal response of your body to harmful stimuli. Some things that can cause inflammation are pathogens, trauma, toxins, alcohol, and stress. Yes, even stress.

Chronic stress can cause chronic inflammation which in turn causes you to gain weight. Weight gain often leads to metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease with insulin resistance. By consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory, you can reverse this inflammation with time. The amount of time varies from person to person but many have noticed a positive shift after successful completion of the 7 day bone broth cleanse.



Before there were even pots to cook it in, ancient cultures used empty abdominal pouches from slaughtered animals to cook meat, bones, vegetables, herbs, and water with hot stones that were warmed in the fire. The first pots to be created and used were from Ancient China where the first written documentation of Traditional Chinese Medicine begins in the Second Century BC. Bone Broth has been a remedy prescribed by Practitioners since this medicine began. The Ancient Chinese used bone broth to nourish the kidneys, support our vital essence (Qi), and build blood. In fact, as long as there was fuel for their fire, every ancestral culture had a pot of broth slowly simmering over the fire as the original “fast food”. While Hippocrates is often quoted by, “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.” It is safe to say broths and soups have always had a healing significance, and even termed “Jewish Penicillin” for its ability to boost the immune system.

During the 40s and 50s, in an effort to make more profit for shareholders, companies such as Campbell’s replaced their real ingredients with artificial flavors and MSG. So, the broths and stocks that used to be healing now contain nothing more than MSG and flavored water. It wasn’t until recently that we started regaining our heritage of traditional foods. By slowly simmering bones, meat, vegetables, and herbs in water for a long period of time, you are creating a nutrient dense elixir that has always had its roots in healing and nourishment.



At this point, you may be asking yourself why should I do this? The better question is, why shouldn’t you do this? It gives you the freedom to eat until you’re full and still feel amazing! A Harvard study published in the medical journal Nature, found significant changes in the makeup of the gut bacteria occurring just three days after a dietary change! By Day 7, you will have seriously impacted your gut flora to allow for better absorption of nutrients. The first change you may notice is strengthened hair, skin, and nails. If you can see this impact on the exterior, imagine what’s going on interiorly. Some notice a big impact on their joint health. Those who experienced joint pain before the cleanse have noticed less pain after the cleanse. You should notice an increase in your energy throughout the day and better sleep at night. Best yet, you should notice an improvement in your overall mood.

Did you know that your gut is known as the second brain? The enteric cells that make up your gut consist of more than 100 million neurons? (That’s more than your spinal cord!) You can also find a wealth of: neurotransmitters, immune cells, and endorphins. By healing your gut, you are also healing your immune system and mood. Dopamine is linked to attention, motivation, and goal-achieving while Serotonin is essential for calmness and emotional well being. From a primal perspective, this makes absolute sense! Our basic instinct is to find nourishing food, and when we do, we can relax. The current problem is that we have too much food within reach. Because of this, we have to retrain our primal brain. This 7 day bone broth cleanse is perfect because we can flood our system with as much nourishing food as we want along with 40 oz. of bone broth a day!



The best bone broth, starts with the best ingredients... At Osso Good we only uses the best and most humane ingredients possible. Beef that is not only pasture-raised, but AGA Certified grass fed and finished with raising practices that go beyond organic. Organic & Pasture-raised chickens that forage for their food under the golden sun. Made with Organic veggies and herbs! All that and our broths are also Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, Antibiotic Free, Added Hormone Free, and as always, free of mysterious “natural flavors”.


Today, traditional foods like bone broth are making a comeback! Let’s be honest, we all want the nourishment that these foods bring. What sets bone broth apart from even the most nutritious foods, is its ability to heal our gut. As Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut”. What you eat AND don’t eat matters. The gut - sometimes called our “second brain” - has more nerve endings than the spine and manufactures more neurotransmitters than the brain. The gut is also the source of 95% of our serotonin production. With insufficient serotonin, we are more likely to experience insomnia, depression, and other mood disorders. Let’s take a closer look at what makes bone broth a superfood.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)
GAGs are essential molecules in the body. Their primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elastin, and “bounce” between cells. They serve an integral role in connective tissues like tendons and cartilage and also the fluid that lubricates joints. Some of the most important glycosaminoglycans include chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, keratan sulfate, and hyaluronate. Without GAGs, many suffer from conditions such as: autoimmunity, arthritis, leaky gut, crohn’s disease, IBS, asthma, alzheimer’s disease, osteroarthritis, and acid reflux. Bone Broth is rich in GAGs when you use the whole animal, including their joints.

Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow is soft, gelatinous tissue in the middle of long bones. It is highly vascular and makes more than 200 billion new blood cells every day. It is a potent source of both mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells, which together produce fat, cartilage, bone, and blood cells. Stem cells are incredibly important for your body because they have the ability to constantly and rapidly produce new cells. These new cells are responsible for creation of cartilage, bone, fat, muscle, lymph, and blood tissue. Bone Marrow also plays a large role in Immune function. bone broth is rich in bone marrow when made properly with the long bones of the animal.

Collagen and Gelatin
The word "collagen" comes from the Greek word for glue. When made properly, you turn skin, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments into a gelatin-rich liquid glue. The cooking process of making broth breaks down the collagen proteins into gelatin, which provides the amino acids the body uses to make our body’s connective tissue. There are 29 types of collagen in our bodies, which comprise about 30% of our body’s total protein. This tissue functions by strengthening the tendons that connect muscle to bone and ligaments that connect bone to bone. Collagen also supports the skin, which is the largest organ in the body. Not only does the collagen boost youthful firmness and elasticity, it also builds a barrier to prevent the absorption and possible spread of pathogens, toxins, microorganisms, and cancerous cells. The cornea and eye are supported by collagen along with the placenta during pregnancy. It also gives strength to our arteries, capillaries, and organs while keeping them supple. Collagen is the lubricant of the joints. As we age, collagen production decreases making it even more necessary to consume bone broth regularly.

Gelatin has been proven effective at increasing digestibility of beans, wheat, oats, milk, and meat. According to L.E. Hogan in 1909, “[gelatin in bone broth] is said to be retained by the most sensitive stomach and will nourish when almost nothing else will be tolerated”. It has been proven effective in those with IBS, arthritis, leaky gut, and celiac’s disease. According to Sally Fallon, “One of the most important things you can do to improve your health is to use real broth and avoid imitation foods” which often include MSG. A good indicator of a high quality bone broth is its jell-o like consistency, which is an indication of the amount of gelatin present.

Amino Acids
Bone Broth is rich in amino acids such as proline and glycine which aren’t available in lean cuts of meat. Proline, Glycine, and Glutamine are great for boosting your immune system, improving digestion, maintaining a balanced nervous system, and also muscle repair/growth. Glycine is known as the anti aging amino acid and contains the building blocks to create many other amino acids. Glycine is essential because it maintains lean muscle, prevents loss of cartilage, reduces inflammation, aids in detoxification, improves energy, and helps maintain focus. Glycine needs to be plentiful in our bodies for so many functions, and it is easy to replenish through Bone Broth. Proline is important for tissue repair, collagen formation, and blood pressure maintenance.

Glucosamine which is formed when glutamine and glucose combine is best known as a supplement that helps repair cartilage, decrease inflammation, alleviate joint pain, and increase range of motion, In the gut, glucosamine helps repair the defensive barrier in the mucosa. Glutamine is known for its direct immune support, liver support for detoxification, and its ability to boost metabolism. Glutamine is excellent for the 7 day bone broth cleanse for its ability to not only boost metabolism but also its ability to decrease cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates. Essentially, the more bone broth you consume, the better.

Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium can all be found in high quality bone broth. Calcium is used as an electrolyte and vital to bone synthesis, nerve conduction, and muscle contraction. Soups containing vegetables, meat, and high quality bone broth are an excellent source of dietary calcium. Magnesium is required in every cell that must use ATP (energy). Low magnesium is associated with neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and metabolic dysfunction including diabetes and hypertension. Potassium is essential for all nerve transmissions. Any deficiencies are associated with abnormal heart rhythm and cardiac function. A big bowl of bone broth soup containing meat and leafy greens are excellent sources of all three minerals.

The easiest way to understand what cartilage is would be to grab your ear and bend it. Your ear has shape and structure but it can still be flexible. Cartilage, unlike bone is incredibly resilient and is often attached to the ends of bones or used to hold open tubes. There are three different types of cartilage: hyaline, elastic, and fibrous which are composed of varying amounts of collagen and proteoglycans. Unlike most tissue, it is does not have a blood supply or nerve endings. This makes regeneration of cartilage unlike other tissues. Although seemingly improbable, Dr.John F Prudden spent his lifetime researching its ability to regenerate. Much like what traditional Chinese medical doctors have known and practiced all along, cartilage-rich bone broth can in fact supply your body with the tools necessary for cartilage to remain healthy and plentiful.



Did you know that the surface of your gut is around 300 square meters?! This adds up to the size of a tennis court. Every system in your body is connected and at the center of it all is your gut health. With approximately 70% of our immune system located in our gut, poor gut health is linked to hormone imbalance, eczema and other skin related diseases, autoimmune disease including arthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and diabetes to name a few. Because bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse whose focus is on gut health, you can reclaim your health with daily consumption.




Among the most popular benefits of bone broth is it contains chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, the compounds sold as pricey supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain. Bone broth proteins deliver a benefit for rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune disease marked by painful damage to the tendons and ligaments. Specifically, these proteins may actually help stop the autoimmune response all together.


The gelatin in the bone broth (found in the knuckles, chicken feet, and other joints) helps close up holes in your intestines. This helps with chronic diarrhea, constipation, and even some food intolerances. It also helps prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome. Bone broth is loaded with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) like the very popular glucosamine products that most take for joint health... We even give our 12 year old Rottweiler bone broth to help her surgically repaired knees and hips.


Bone broth is a huge source of the collagen that is used in cosmetics that tout the ability to turn back the clock. Drinking bone broth is far cheaper than plastic surgery or "plumping" cosmetics, and it can make your skin, hair, and nails look amazing as well.


This is awesome! It’s one thing to consume nutrients, it's another to absorb them directly into your cells . Nutrients in bone broth are highly bioavailable and don't require a lot of effort to be absorbed by our cells.


Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, names bone broth the “superfood” for it's high concentration of minerals you get from a long simmered bone broth. Bone broth is helpful when trying to boost your immune system to stave off illness... Has anyone ever had chicken soup while sick? It's magical!


It not only can be consumed in place of coffee, but offers the energy boost you desire, without the shakes :) I used to be an 8 shot of espresso kind of guy and have been able to ween myself off of caffeine almost entirely with the help of bone broth (I do still enjoy the occasional espresso laden drink though).


The glycine in bone broth has been shown to help people sleep better and improve your memory... who doesn't need that!


Osso Good bone broth contains high amounts of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients that play an essential role in healthy bone formation.


Bone broth is an amazing way to get a wide variety of nutrients, rather than taking tons of supplements. Cooking bone broth low and slow preserves the nutrients better than the high heat extraction used to make most supplements you'll find in stores.


Whether sipped out of a mug or used to add umami to your favorite soup recipe, Osso Good sippable bone broth will get you started on your path to wellness in a very delicious way. We even give it to our pets for an added treat and a way to deliver vital nutrients.