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Paleo Meal Kit (16 Pack)
Paleo Meal Kit (16 Pack)
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Paleo Meal Kit (16 Pack)


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    Paleo Meal Kits from The Osso Good Co. make it easy to eat clean, organic and fresh! If you’re looking for a detox plan that tackles inflammation head on, our Paleo Meal Kit has the nutrient-dense Bone Broths and Paleo Soups to help you reset your gut and get back to feeling awesome.

    Dairy, grains and sugar in your diet are not doing you any favors. But eliminating them from your daily routine can seem daunting. The Osso Good Co. is here to help with a thought-out meal kit that includes everything you need to get back on track. Our delicious Bone Broths and Paleo Soups are packed with protein, collagen and healthy amino acids to soothe and heal your gut.

    What you get are 2 Beef, 2 Chicken, 2 Signature and 2 Golden Broth Pouches as well as 2 Tomato Basil, 2 Thai Carrot, and 2 Butternut Squash Sippable Soups.


    • Paleo Friendly
    • Milk & Soy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • No Salt or artificial flavorings